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These are the islands on the edge of he world. You may see porpoises, basking sharks or dolphins. Or perchance a peregrine falcon or sea eagle. You'll pass rivers of moss and mushroom colours of plaid, and bens and glens cloaked in bracken and tradition. 'It's the last great wilderness,' declares our ship's chief purser, Charles Carroll. It's as if we are lost in time. Welcome to the Hebridean Islands.

House & Garden, January 2014

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House & Garden Hotels By Design 2013 - Spa Design Trends

Long gone are the days of the one-Eastern-style-fits-all approach to spa design. The current zeitgeist is for authenticity of location. 'Spas have to be relevant to their collection and have a physical connection,' notes Ingo Schweder, CEO of spa consultants Goco. Noweher is this more apparent than Evason Ma'In Hot Springs in Jordan, where the Six Senses spa incorporates a natural hot-spring waterfall which cascades down a sheer rock face into the main pool.

House & Garden, 21/05/2013

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