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In a Regency house just off the Mall, a man wearing an MCC tie sits behind an enormous mahogony desk. On the other side of the desk is a navy-suited strawberry blonde. Suffice to say her name is Camilla.

The man questions her about her hobbies, and Camilla answers easily enough. Then he suddenly slips in a question about Middle Eastern politics. His manner remains relaxed but emotionless, but Camilla is unnerved, sensing a menacing undercurrent.

The Mail On Sunday, 03.08.86

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This life

Two years ago today,I was lying under my desk, covered in glass, convinced I was about todie as a monstrous black cloud roared across my garden at 100mph, blating branches and bricks into the air like a massive explosion. I'd barely ad time to think Wizard of Oz before the tornado ripped through 150 homes n Kensal Rise, Northwest London, rendering 50 of them uninhabitable in just 2 seconds.

You, 07/12/2008

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Sometimes I sail naked

Samantha Davies is one of the world's leading solo sailors in a male-dominated sport. But despite tackling perilous seas and hauling sails twice her weight, she still indulges in all things girlie - and a little bit risque.

You, 22/06/2008

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I want to find a cure for childhood epilepsy

Ann Maxwell has always aimed high. So when she discovered her son Muir had a rare form of epilepsy, she made it her goal to help other families affected by the condition. Her energy and determination made her the unanimous choice of the judges to win 2008's Clarins Most Dynamisante Woman of the Year, and the £30,000 award which goes with it - an even more remarkable story considering the life-threatening illness Ann is facing herself.

You, 22/06/2008

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We're natural cheerleaders, but we've had to learn commando tactics'

With eight children between them, Georgia Coleridge and Karen Doherty have experienced every family peak and pitfall possible. And now they've condensed their knowledge in a new book that divides the parenting world into seven distinct types.

You, 20/04/2008

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“Caroline Phillips is a tenacious and skilful writer with a flair for high quality interviewing and a knack for making things work.”

Paul Dacre, Chairman Associated Newspapers

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