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Tiny, mellow Monteverdi makes a grand break

A skinny fellow with a 'man bob' and his attractive female companion are sipping prosecco and gazing at an extinct volcano in a valley that has scarcely changed in a century. Nearby, a woman from Cincinnati surveys a medieval building that is being turned into a tiny spa, while an impecunious musician eats a meal made by a chef who worked at one of Giorgio Locatelli's restaurants.

Daily Mail 23/04/2014

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Some like it hot!

Coronado Island in Southern California is the island Disney would have made, had he created one. There's something unreal in its perfection. It's palm-fringed, between bay and ocean. And its streets are clean enough to eat off - there are $1,000 fines for littering.

Daily Mail 09/04/2014

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A capital investment

When we moved to London's Kensal Rise in 2003, I hated it. I disparagingly referred to it as 'The Suburbs'. We'd lived in Holland Park and Kensington. I loved the Royal Borough's stucco houses, gracious parks, cafes and shops. But we'd sold our duplex in Kensington during the rise of the property market and, sitting smug, waited in a rented house in Holland Park for the market to crash. And waited. And waited.

Daily Mail 03/09/2010

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My feet of endurance

WE'VE walked past tiny hamlets and ancient stone farms, stoping only to drink water from a mountain stream. We strode in dappled sunlight throgh pine forests, then wandered up a hill, alongside verdant fields and cttle wearing cow-bells.

Daily Mail, 12/09/2009

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Falling for Ste Foy

Are you a hazard on the slopes? Don't fret, France's best-kept secret is paradise for reluctant beginners.

Daily Mail, 17/11/2007

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I wanted to pass out just to stop the pain, even if it meant dying

SHE was snatched off the street, sexually assaulted and mutilated by a convicted killer who left her for dead in a blazing squat.

But only 48 hours after the attacker was jailed for 20 years, she is able to say: `I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.'

Daily Mail, 23/01/1993

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She lost her virginity to Jeff Beck, dated Eric Clapton and is now about to marry England's sexiest man. So what's Julia got?

JULIA Smith, 29, is marrying sport's most eligible bachelor, England's rugby union captain, Will Carling. She's also dated Eric Clapton. And, at 18, she dropped out of university to live with the then 39-year-old veteran guitarist and millionaire Jeff Beck, erstwhile lover of fabled Sixties model Celia Hammond.

Daily Mail, 01/04/1994

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