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Soukya: the Bangalore health retreat drawing a starry clientele — and interest from the NHS

I am lying on a wooden massage bed as two women rub my naked body with hot pouches of cooked rice, milk and medicinal herbs. They massage in tandem my legs, hip joints and up to my neck. A little gloop escapes the poultice bags each time and soon my body is covered with a gluey white residue. This is navarakizhi, a treatment claimed to reduce joint stiffness and relieve depression.

I’m at Soukya, a health retreat outside Bangalore that offers traditional Indian cures for conditions from hay fever to diabetes and strives to “restore the natural balance of your mind, body and spirit”.

FT Weekend, 29/04/2018

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Sandwich man has an appetite for spreading

Niall MacArthur, the founder of Eat, tells Caroline Phillips about his ambitions to expand his 26-strong chain beyond its base in London.

Financial Times, 06/01/2004

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I like to go against the grain

Top chef Rowley Leigh starts his FT cookery column this week and tells Caroline Phillips about his robust, refined style.

Financial Times, 17/01/2004

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The big cheese of the Fat Duck

Caroline Phillips meets Heston Blumenthal, the Willy Wonka of modern British cooking, and samples his distinctive brand of innovative and investigative cuisine.

Financial Times, 31/01/2004

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Ever the trendsetters

Mattia Bonetti and David Gillare are preparing to show a new collection of furniture in New York and London. Caroline Phillips takes a peek.

Financial Times, 27/03/2004

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The boil-in-the-bag dinner party

Online food delivery services are expanding into 'gourmet' ready-made meals, with mixed results, writes Caroline Phillips.

Financial Times, 22/01/2005

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