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Beyond Mindfulness: The best way to connect with your higher self - creativity and inspiration

Dr Shomit Mitter is a hard man to categorise. Yes, he’s a hypnotherapist. Yes, he mentored Booker-prize winner Arundhati Roy —who pays tribute to him in her book, the God of Small Things. Oh and he ran a multi-million pound aviation business in the nineties – and found himself being shadowed by the KGB for his pains. Why? Because he had an M.Phil from Oxford and a PhD from Cambridge and had written two seminal books on theatre – so he must have been a spy doing those aviation deals in the wilds of Uzbekistan.

Huffington Post, 24/04/2017

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How to Holiday With Teenagers

"Whaaa?"... "Huurgh?" The language barrier's always one of the first obstacles to overcome on holiday in a foreign country. Even more challenging when the tongue you're trying to understand is your teenager's. As a starter, try practising your response to these common teenage phrases: "Dinna wanna come on this stoopid holiday inna firssplace!" or, and this is a biggy, "Wassha mean there's no 4G/Sky TV in this stoopid villa!?"

Huffington Post, 11/09/2015

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Monaci delle Terre Nere

If I've found my favorite little-known hotel, I shouldn't be telling you. But then it cannot be such a big secret as Anthony Bourdain (chef, author and TV personality), John Madden (director of Shakespeare in Love and the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), and Josh Hartnett (actor, Pearl Harbor) have already plumped for its lava-filled bedrooms. This is Monaci delle Terra Nere, a new-ish (two years old) boutique hotel that's off -the- beaten- lava track in the foothills of Mt Etna, Sicily.

Huffington Post, 09/09/2015

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Is This the World's Most Expensive Hair?

Hair royalty, hair-raiser -- he's been called many things. One thing's for sure -- hairdresser Daniel Galvin Jr knows a thing to two when it comes to tresses. And now he's offering a mobile hairdressing service. Hair on Bikes. Like meals on wheels. Only think cut 'n' colour delivered to your home or office. That is to say, two men on a bike come to do your hair chez vous. Daniel and his top snipper, Joseph Bilton. They're the only duo in London offering such a service.

Huffington Post, 09/06/2015

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