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Nature or science?

The most important beauty issue for women approaching 40 is how to reverse the ageing process. Increasing numbers of Londoners are opting for surgery to banish wrinkles and sagging skin but there are less drastic options if you want to look up to 10 years younger.

The natural path involves using creams and trying holistic health treatments to improve the appearance of skin. Or there is the scientific approach – cutting-edge anti-ageing technology such as oxygen treatments and chemical peels.

Evening Standard, 27.11.07

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Dude looks like a lady

It used to be a man’s world. But since the credit crunch men have increasingly been turning to everything from make-up and cosmetic surgery to hormone replacement therapy. Now chaps are having to play a woman’s game. Men in high-powered jobs are expected to be eternally youthful, to display endless stamina and vigour. And, on top of this, increasingly, they’re judged on their looks.

Spears, Autumn 2010

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The merciless Mr Bean

Jemima Khan has the give-away sinewy arms. Then there’s Leonie Frieda with her sculpted body, not to mention Lady Cosima Somerset, former confidante of Princess Diana, with her gym-toned physique. These are all Bean’s Babes: girls who have been put through their paces by Tim Bean, probably the world’s most sought-after personal trainer-cum-nutritionist.

Evening Standard, 16.05.06

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My iron woman challenge

A walk around Selfridges was once my idea of aerobic exertion. Then a few months ago my brain synapses must have got twisted, because I started working out thrice weekly. I was able to run, say, for 40 minutes without stopping. And I was able to swim gentle lengths of breaststroke. But when a friend suggested doing a triathlon – that’s swimming outdoors, biking and running over silly distances – I should have checked into rehab.

Evening Standard, 31.07.07

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Don’t go to the health gurus - let them all come to your home

If you can’t bear the trek to the homeopath acupuncturist or masseur, just put your feet up and ask them to deliver. Caroline Phillips samples the lazy route to feeling good.

Evening Standard, 08.11.05

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How to get the body to Di for

It is disconcerting to wear an old mashed potato-coloured tracksuit over post-natal body and scruffy trainers and then bump into the Princess of Wales.

Particularly as Diana is leaving her personal training session wearing sweat-free cerise leotard, pore-hugging shorts and earrings. And I’m going into mine suffering from the exertion of having walked downstairs.

We are both training with Doreen Whittaker, manager of Total Health Integration at London’s Harbour Club.

Sunday Express, 09.06.96

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