Savage beauty

Savage Beauty, a major retrospective of the work of visionary fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen, is a cut above the rest. The exhibition – which originated at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York – has been edited and expanded, with 244 items on display. Clothes will always look dull after these.

The Luxury Channel, 17/03/2015

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Those £1,000 a minute questions

Cameras flash and the fashion world applauds while eating cheese straws and drinking Lanson champagne. These are the British Fashion Awards - the Oscars of the designer rag trade.

It is all taking place in the tented world of the Duke of York's barracks. The audience wears black and glitter and off-the-shoulder creations and looks as if it could swap places with the catwalk folk.

Evening Standard, 15.10.91

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Mannequin's best friend

Jay Alexander is black, about 10 feet tall and three inches wide, wears tighter than skin jodhpurs or a chiffon skirt and high glittery shoes, hair scraped into a weeny bun and has lips that confuse UFO spotters. He's the Terry Venables of the modelling world: the man who teaches the top models how to walk, sniff but not eat pain au chocolat, move their hips and carry double-faced sticky tape to attach to their stockinged feet to save slipping on high-heeled mules.

Jay is friendly with the supermodels: he air kisses Linda, Naomi and Christy and has Kate Moss to stay.

Evening Standard, 23.02.94

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Terrible twins from Outer Underwearland

Setting up an interview with fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana is a nightmare. Until the last minute, the appointment time is changed and the venue is undecided. Then they offer half an interview - Stefano will talk, Domenico won't. Then they relent. Next they refuse to have their photographs taken. I arrive in Milan to discover the couple don't speak English. But, of course, I did forget to ask.

In the event, Stefano turns up and Domenico appears half an hour late. Stefano, 33, is impossibly good looking and charming and Domenico, 36, is all in black. Carla Buzzi, their PR lady with raven hair, black leggings and coal Dolce & Gabbana tent top, translates. This hinders spontaneity.

Evening Standard, 30.03.95

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