My Real Life

In seconds the tornado ripped my world apart

My home has always been my sanctuary, a place of exquisite beauty and calm. I read or sit undisturbed on our leather sofa in our family room with its off-white walls, stainless steel and sage-green stone surfaces, and gaze through its wall of sliding glass doors onto our fragrant cream and lavender garden with its climbing roses, ancient apple and pear trees, camellias and jasmine.

All that changed in less than 10 seconds on Thursday when the tornado visited.

The Evening Standard, 12.12.06

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The night I was ambushed in my car - by a 13-year-old with pigtails

It was seven o’clock on Tuesday evening when four children attacked me. I’d never met them before, never set eyes on them. I had just parked my car, a geriatric red Volkswagen Golf, in the King’s Road, by the World’s End estate. I was meeting friends, and was wondering whether I’d get a ticket for parking there. Just then, a young girl with pigtails crossed the road, walked between the rear of my vehicle and the one behind it, and delivered a forceful kick to the back of my car followed by smashing her hand on the rear windscreen.

What on earth did she think she was doing, I asked, as I wound down the window.

The Evening Standard, 14.07.90

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Why I’ll keep chasing burglars

The other day I chased burglars across west London. This is the second time I have done so. In 1990 there were 174,780 reported burlaries in London (compared with 127,310 in 1980), most of which seemed to happen in my street. It’s the maxim of metropolitan life: “We live in London, so we’re burgled.”

These figures don’t include robberies from persons, muggings, theft and handling of stolen goods including joy riding, beatings on the Tube, or my stolen bicycle. And I am one of many who has decided enough is enough.

The Evening Standard, 27.01.92

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My iron woman challenge

A walk around Selfridges was once my idea of aerobic exertion. Then a few months ago my brain synapses must have got twisted, because I started working out thrice weekly. I was able to run, say, for 40 minutes without stopping. And I was able to swim gentle lengths of breaststroke. But when a friend suggested doing a triathlon – that’s swimming outdoors, biking and running over silly distances – I should have checked into rehab.

Evening Standard, 31.07.07

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Boot camp babes

The Suzuki style of teaching children music is exhausting and intense, and that’s just for the parents. But the results, as Caroline Phillips found when she attended the London Suzuki International Summer School at Bryanston, are a delight.

School House Magazine, 03.2007

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Nicholas Coleridge, MD Conde Nast Britain and Vice-President Conde Nast International


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Josephine Hart, author
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