A novel time in Marrakech

"My family grew up with a really big secret," says the broadcaster and author Aminatta Forna. "My father had been killed and nobody told us what had happened." An aid worker, a Bloomsbury publisher and a classics scholar sit transfixed as this powerful woman explains that her father was hanged. Aminatta is addressing the the Jnane Tamsna Literary Salon in the eponymous hotel in the Paleraie, the oasis outside Marrakech that has become a playground for London's artistic belle monde.

Evening Standard, 23.08.06

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Agony of the long goodbye

"Chess" proclaims the huge banner outside the drab one-time cinema that is now the Playhouse theatre in Edinburgh. Scarsely noticeable beneath it, a small strip reads "Rudolph Nureyev".

The audience file in, looking as if they were going to the local bistro, no-one particularly glammed up for the occasion.

Inside, an usher gives me - and every other woman in the front stalls - a pink rose, to throw on stage at the end of the performance.

Evening Standard, 01.05.91

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Cher's pop corn

Picture that over-sized meat abattoir, Wembley Arena. People are eating toffee popcorn instead of doing drugs.

White jean beclad thirtysomethings are sipping beer out of plastic bottles. And nobody is smoking in the no-smoking auditorium.

The only sniff of something really 'way out' here are the neon exit signs.

This is the first night of sex queen Cher's two-night stand in Wembley.

Evening Standard, 07.05.92

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Cultural exchange

This is the story of the Marquess, the Old Masters and the Bentley. The tale of masterpieces by Van Dyck, Velazquez and Rubens being returned from Russia to Britain after 234 years. The tale of an exclusive 48-hour trip to blaze the trail for the return of these priceless works collected by Britain's first prime minister, Sir Robert Walpole, and sold scandalously in 1779 to Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, to adorn the walls of the Hermitage, St Petersburg.

Bentley Magazine, Summer 2013

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