Tatler Spa Guide 2013

Chiva-som, Thailand - The mother of them all. Chiva remains triumphantly at the top of its game. Come here to scrub your chakras, give up sleeping pills or smoking (or both), lose your post-baby lubber or have accelerated subdermal therapy (ultrasound does battle with cellulite) in the medi-spa. There's a daily schedule that's more tightly packed than a tin of chickpeas, from vinyasa flow yoga to gyrokinesis (pilates meets ballet). Plus it's all run with Swiss-style efficiency.

Tatler Spa Guide, 2013

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Condé Nast Traveller Spa Guide 2013 - Chiva Som

Chiva Som is known as a Club Med for Holistic Junkies, and we Brits love the place. There's something about the routine and the rules which is school-day reassuring. Cameras and mobiles aren't allowed in public, and there's no alcohol befre 6pm. You can smoke, but only in the designated spot (a favourite with Kate Moss).

Condé Nast Traveller, June 2013

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House & Garden Hotels By Design 2013 - Spa Design Trends

Long gone are the days of the one-Eastern-style-fits-all approach to spa design. The current zeitgeist is for authenticity of location. 'Spas have to be relevant to their collection and have a physical connection,' notes Ingo Schweder, CEO of spa consultants Goco. Noweher is this more apparent than Evason Ma'In Hot Springs in Jordan, where the Six Senses spa incorporates a natural hot-spring waterfall which cascades down a sheer rock face into the main pool.

House & Garden, 21/05/2013

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Kamalaya: is this Thailand's best spa?

Everyone leaves there having made at least one change in their lives. That's what I'm told about Kamalaya health spa in Koh Samui, Thailand. Guests rid themselves of multiple pounds (in weight and currency), have a turn of direction in their heart-attack-headed lives, and rejuvenate bodies more burnt out than a forest fire.

High 50, 08/08/2012

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Country & Town House Spa Guide

If you're looking to lose weight, get fit, reboot or just get away from it all, let our spa guide lead you to a life of wellbeing and serenity.

Country & Town House, August 2012

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Spear's Spa Selection

A former Barclays Bank branch has been reborn as the Chuan Spa in the grand 19th-century Langham Hotel, London. Now that the money men have gone, the spa has settled prettily in a brilliant spot on Portland Place - directly opposite Broadcasting House, the iconic home of the BBC, and just a few Louboutin-shod steps from Bond Street and even more exclusive Mount Street.


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A spa so beautiful it's enough to make you sick - literally

Caroline Phillips tries a radical detox treatment in India, while, overleaf, we suggest the 20 best spas to beat the new year blues.

The Times, 08/01/2011

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