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Sandwich man has an appetite for spreading

Seven years ago Niall MacArthur, managing director of Eat, was working in a sandwich bar. Now he wants a bigger slice of the market dominated in the UK by Pret a Manger. And while Pret reported a £20m annual loss last year after stumbling in its efforts to grow overseas, Mr MacArthur has just raised £8m of bank debt to finance the Eat chain's expansion.

Financial Times, 06.01.04

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From humble radiator to hot work of art

In 1982, the late Geoffrey Ward had a plumbing installation company. Camden Council insisted that he could not run his business from retail premises - without a window display, he could no longer be classified as a shop and would have to close.

Mr Ward had a zany designer radiator that he had imported for fun. He put it into the window of his Kilburn premises. People started asking to buy it - those were the days of the ubiquitous white panel radiator - so Mr. Ward decided to change jobs. He started to import sculptural radiators.

Financial Times, 10.02.04

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The £200,000 reason why they hate this woman

This year 34-year-old Gerry Bridgewater may earn £235,000. That's a basic salary of £35,000 plus between £20,000 and £200,000 n commissions. For Gerry was the first female dealer permitted to trade in the Ring of the London Metal Exchange; a coup that involved a lengthy fight. Subsequently she broke a 109-year-old tradition and became the first female individual subscriber permitted to trade on her own account. 'I never take no for an answer. I'm a strong self-believer,' she explains. She is the LME's own Iron Lady.

E.S. Magazine, 04.10.87

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