Letters At A Glance

Josephine Hart

“Maurice [Sir Maurice Saatchi] thinks yours was far and away the best interview, as did many of my friends.”

Aka Lady Saatchi, theatre producer, television presenter and author of Damage - which was made into a Louis Malle film featuring Jeremy Irons.

Ned Sherrin

“Thanks for the article which was entirely fair and inaccurate in only one particular. My piles went away with the knife back in the 60s...”

Television and radio presenter (1931 - 2007.)

Margeret Forster

“Just to say how very good I think your pieces are... I love your gimlet-eyed descriptions...”

Author of books from Georgy Girl to Elizabeth Barrett Browning: a biography.

Lynn Barber

“I’m a great fan of your work. Lovely piece you did on Edward Heath especially. I interviewed Richard Harris the day after you and he said you'd been “amazing”, so sharp. Did he play with himself?...”

Journalist and author of An Education, now a Nick Hornby scripted film.

Charles Althorp

“Thanks for sending your article. Although it found its way to the dustbin unread, I was tempted to break my self-imposed rule - but resisted!”

Earl Spencer, brother of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

John Wells

“Thank you for your articles. You are a very good journalist and they’re great pieces, but as a potential subject I’d rather cross Niagara Falls naked on a tightrope...”

Satirist, who started his career on That Was the Week that Was and author of Private Eye's 'Dear Bill' letters. (1936 - 1998.)

Major Bruce Shand

“You treated me with courtesy and forbearance in your piece and I think it read very well... as a flattering profile of a geriatric.”

Father of Camilla Parker-Bowles. (1917 - 2006.)

John Preston

“I greatly enjoyed your Lorne Thyssen piece - as well as being tickled to read that he propositioned you. Does this mean his therapy for moral degeneracy must be considered a failure?”

Journalist, The Sunday Telegraph.

Deborah Moggach

“Jolly good interview - much enjoyed...”

Author of best-selling Tulip Fever.

Dr Chad Varah

“Congratulations on becoming a commissioning editor. There are no limits to how far you will go, because you establish such a rapport with your interviewees that they open up and do not fear betrayal. You have human qualities not always found in your profession. When I find a piece by you in the Standard, I rejoice. You write so well...”

Founder of The Samaritans. (1911 - 2007.)

Jimmy Boyle

“I think you captured me very accurately. The talent you have for this (and it is a real talent) is exceptional. Had I not known otherwise, I’d have guessed you’d done a bit of time yourself!!!...”

Ex-jailbird imprisoned for gangland murder.

Phyliss Pearsall

“What a tour de force to have jigsawed so brilliantly a whole complicated lifetime into a delightful and very kind article...”

Creator of London’s A-Z. (1906 - 1996.)

John Wilcock

“I must commend you for having the guts to stand up to that arrogant bully Norman Mailer who usually cows interviewers to such an extent that they treat him with kid gloves...”

Co-founder of The Village Voice with Norman Mailer.

Monica Dickens

“Caroline writes really well. I like the way she gives the impression of herself at the scene without bringing herself in obtrusively. Very clever. Norman Mailer sounds as dreadful as I’d always imagined...”

Author and great granddaughter of Charles Dickens, she was best known for Follyfoot. (1915 - 1992.)


“Caroline Phillips has great contacts, good ideas, is a quick and accurate reporter and a writer with flair.”

Jackie Annesley, Executive Editor, Evening Standard

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Caroline on Channel 4

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Caroline Phillips played a key editorial role in launching the London Evening Standard's much-imitated supplement, E.S.

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